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Cristelle le Bris' experience as an intern

"I'm happy with the experience in general"

There is very little left to finish and I am happy with the experience in general. The application process was very efficient and fast, although I had some problems at the beginning, I'm aware that it was the fault of the company. I feel very grateful to them for helping and guiding me until the end of my experience. My internship was one of those experiences where you learn a lot of things. I don't regret it at all. All the tasks assigned to me, were an opportunity to discover something new or to put my knowledge into practice. About the company, I could say that Mr. Prieto, my professional tutor and CEO of the company welcomed me very well. From the first moment he made my integration into the group go very smoothly. We were a small group of three people. Despite we were only with a few, we had always a very good relationship with each other and it taught me to be a better teamworker. I can describe this experience as very positive. I learned a lot, discovered new things everyday, and I'm sure they will be very useful for me in the future. I am very satisfied and very grateful to you and the company.

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