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Daria Sinkevich's testimonal about her internship

"The application and process went very smooth."

The application and process went very smooth, I’ve got very clear directions and questions to answer, and could complete everything quite fast. Special thanks to Jose Antonio, who was mediating communication with Employer always on time and on point. The internship was almost as I expected; I was ready for a lot of different tasks and uncertainty, which was present. Although, I tried to improve the things, which was reachable to me; I hope that my the a collaboration with the company brought something valuable to both sides, and does not end at this point. The conditions for work were alright, however, it was totally not suitable for studying, especially writing a Final Thesis, which requires deeper concentration, analysis and evaluation. In this case I would recommend this internship for students, who will have a little extra time to write the final paper after completing the internship. Generally, it was a good experience in many areas; business administration, management, hotel software, communication, intercultural experience, even hostel and service design in some cases. Despite the obvious cultural differences, the collaboration was productive, and hopefully will have some continuous results. 

Special thanks to all of your team for making these kind collaborations possible :)


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