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Esther Duernberger 's internship experience



"My placement has been a great choice for further work experience"

The application process was easy and fast from the second stage on where companies started to be interested. However, the first stage seemed to take a while and I was waiting nearly a month until someone from Internship´s Italy got back to me after my very first application/registration. That might have been an exception though, as the communication from then on worked very well.
The internship and tasks fulfilled my expectations and more, I was trusted with many important projects and learned a lot in software skills, general design questions, internal politics, social media etc.
The company and colleagues were a perfect pick, I was getting on with everyone very well and the general working environment and atmosphere were very enjoyable.
In general, I can say that my placement has been a great choice for further work experience and I would recommend everyone (with the correct skill set and motivation to work and drive things forward) to do an internship like this.


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