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Julian internship in Milan, Italy

For me as a Colombian always was a dream to work in Europe, especially in Italy, that is a country I love since I was a child. Because of this I started to look for opportunities for making an internship in the summer, but I wanted something really related to what I’m studying, however, there were many difficulties that made the process of finding job annoying and don’t really productive.

Fortunately, I found Internships Italy, and was the best option I could take. As soon as I contacted them, they gave me accurate and truthful information about their services, also, they were honest about my options and possibilities of finding a job. Once I decided to take their services, I gave all the information and the characteristic of the position I would like to have, then they had taken over all the responsibility of finding me a place, so I just had to relax and wait for their news.

The time they told me it would take to find a job was 1 month and a half as maximum, but being honest this time is not really important; since the first week of the process I started to receive options and updates of the vacancies, and was really fine because I could discard some options, and choose those I really wanted, by the second week I already had 3 interviews programed, and another 2 for the third week. At final of the process there where three companies interested in my services, so surprisingly I was the one how has to choose, not the companies.

Now I’m really happy in my internship, everything went as they promised, and also they helped me to finish some details of my entailment to the company. I really recommend Internships Italy for making the process easy and trustworthy.

In addition I want to make a special mention to my agent, Miško Macolić, how was always pending of my process, solved all my doubts and advised me of what would be my best option.

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